Our Story

The Idea

Geolocation is cool, and we all know how it helps us find the best itinerary for our destination, and points of interest along the way. We can also get notices about nearby friends, as well as those we will meet soon.

But wait – all these geo-location applications deal with our current positions and offer services around me… but now what?

While some of them are also offering information about places we have been or let us keep in touch with users we’ve met in the past – what about the future?

Why isn’t there any app today that forecasts my needs while I’m moving, or even better, days before I’ll travel somewhere new?

All the applications dealing with our future destinations (like travel apps) request that information directly from us, and entering this information into a 5 inch screen is not easy!

Because it’s annoying to fill out our needs using those interfaces, we avoid it as much as possible. Sometimes we even stop using nice apps because of it!

What if these applications were capable of forecasting my trips and future positions? What if applications could offer their services without you even telling them where you will be?

The Objectives

The promise of Veery, our geo-prediction SDK is to make applications proactive, and users more active.

We want to give application developers the opportunity to integrate ready to use predictive models into their apps.

We also help developers make ideal matchings between their mobile users or with points of interest: we call that Geo-correlation.

And to facilitate the developer’s work, we’ve also integrated basic geolocation functions to ensure that each one will be activated with only a few line of code.

The Project

The Veery project began in July 2016 (after a year of making concept proofs about geo-predictions) and is regularly delivering new advanced functions to mobile app developers.

The Beta period began in September 2016 and its release is planed for February 2017.